Quantity Surveying

Feasible building projects. Appointment of contractors that deliver within budget and on time.

Estimating and Cost Advice
  • Receiving commission/instruction from the client and advising on various causes of action and procedures to suite the particular requirements of the project.
  • Providing financial design criteria advice.
  • Preparing preliminary and comprehensive cost estimates and providing such other cost advice as may be required prior to the commencement of the project.
Documentation and Procurement
  • Preparing documents for procurement of construction contracts.
  • Advising on forms of contract.
  • Calling for Tenders of negotiating the construction cost with the contractor.
  • Financially evaluating and reporting on Tenders including financial comparisons with the budget.
Contract Administration
  • Examining and verifying price documents including preparing same for corporation into the signed contract.
  • Examining and reporting on Tenders for sub-contracts including financial comparisons with budget.
  • Preparing schedules of projected cash flows.
  • Attending progress meetings on site.
  • Attending other meetings required including presenting financial management reports appraising the client of the financial implications of the project.
  • Preparing valuations for the issue of payment certificates.
  • Preparing estimates of cost for proposed variations for client decision-making.
  • Maintaining a running financial management statement and monitoring against the financial budget.
  • Adjudicating and resolving the financial and contractual aspects of claims between the client and the contractor, excluding services related to mediation, arbitration, and litigation.
Final Account
  • Determining and agreeing all variations and adjustments for corporation into final account.
  • Agreeing and finalising all sub-contracts and adjusting against provisional allowances.
  • Preparing and presenting the final account to the client including any necessary reconciliation and explanations against the final budget.

Project Administration & Cost Consulting

Control costs to ensure the construction project is completed within the clients budget.

Project Administration & Cost Consulting
  • Arranging, attending and keeping minutes of meetings.
  • Preparing contract documents for signing and safe keeping of same.
  • Establishing whether all insurances, guarantees etc have been affected by the contractors.
  • Arranging for the handing over of site and pointing out of pegs, beacons and datum levels to the contractors.
  • Nominating and selecting sub-Contractors in terms of the construction agreement.
  • Receiving and attending to notices served in terms of the construction agreement.
  • Issuing instructions, payment certificates, financial statements and certificates of completion prepared by others and notifying those concerned about the status of their involvement.
  • Deciding on any extension of the construction periods and penalties applicable.
  • Determining disagreement, excluding services relating to mediate, arbitration and litigation.

Project Management

Ensure that all functions relating to the construction process is coordinated properly and that all parties involved are well informed.

Project Management

Managing on behalf of the client, the entire process necessary for the procurement of the design and the construction of a project from briefing through to commissioning and occupation taking into account the client’s requirements in respect of aesthetics, quality, cost, time, etc.

  • Assisting in arranging finance for projects.
  • Project administration.
  • Receiving an outline brief from and establishing the client’s needs.
  • Advising the client on the need for consultants and making recommendations.
  • Negotiating and agreeing conditions of engagement with such selected
  • Receiving a final brief from and analysing the client’s needs in detail.
  • Ensuring that statutory consents are obtained.
  • Preparing programmes for all pre-contract and contract activities and monitoring progress and adjusting the programme as necessary.
  • Establishing types of meetings, attendance, chairmanship and issuing of agendas and minutes.
  • Obtaining advice for the client as to various insurances and/or warranties and ensuring compliance by those required to effect such insurances and/or warranties.
  • Advising the client on the form of contract and the method of contractor selection in conjunction with the consultants.
  • Arranging lists of tenderers, the tender opening and credit checks, co-ordinating reports on tenders and making recommendations to the client.
  • Establishing a framework for monitoring progress, maintaining financial management and regularly reporting to the client.
  • Co-ordinating inspections and handovers, ensuring that commissioning of the building and services is properly undertaken and obtaining test certificates, as-built drawings, maintenance manuals and guarantees.

The company makes use of, and draws upon, the various dynamic specialized skills, experience and expertise of the directors and staff to provide the highest quality of professional service on all projects. The wide range of services and projects successfully completed in the past should be an indication of the companies’ capability of providing the same standard and quality of service in the future. We see ourselves as always playing a meaningful role in the success of projects, with all tasks and initiatives undertaken aimed at reducing the financial risks of the development for the developer.


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